CCTV, Intruder Alarm and Access Control installations.

B Locksmiths are able to supply and fit a number of modern security systems to cater for all needs, whether you want to gain more control over access throughout your property, would like piece of mind whist you are out with a sophisticated Intruder alarm or keep a watchful eye over your hard earned belongings, we can help.

Fitting these types of systems will act as your first line of defence and will help protect your property against unauthorised access, burglary and vandalism, whilst increasing the chances of prosecution and return of any stolen property. Contact MB Locksmiths today for a free no obligation quote!

High performance CCTV systems

MB Locksmiths can supply and fit a high definition CCTV system to your home or business that can be viewed remotely from smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. There is a huge range of systems available to suit most budgets, with cameras that can work in all light conditions and some that can even recognise vehicle number plates. The exact system that is required will depend on circumstances and available budget. At MB Locksmiths, we will visit your property, and find out which system will work best for you, and then supply and install it at a time convenient to you.

Intruder alarm? You’re in the right place!

Safety is a priority for all of us. Don’t take a chance! An expertly fitted house alarm will make your property less likely to be a target of burglary and offer you some piece of mind whilst you are away. Contact MB Locksmiths to install a sensitive and loud intruder alarm in your home. We can install:

  • Alarm sensors
  • Door alarms
  • Window alarms
  • Wireless alarms and much more
  • Access control for businesses

    Want to control access to your property? A suitable access control system is what you need. It will not only help you to keep track of people entering and exiting your premises, but will also allow you to regulate who does and who does not have access.

    You can rely on MB Locksmiths to understand your requirements and install an appropriate access control system on your property. Contact us to find out more.

    Secure your business premises
    From digital locks to CCTV systems, we can install them all to help secure your commercial premises against theft and vandalism. Contact us on
    07480 332 787